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Off subject but has anyone had any luck finding the Nephrite Jade around Big Sur. California, particularly Jade Cove area? Sounds like a diver can possibly recover large beautiful varied specimens, though I've heard mixed info about where to collect and site legality issues (hand samples only on beach, etc.). An acquaintance in a Rock Hound group recently recovered two apparently nice large chunks in that general area. Heard about the Jade Festivals in the area... I believe they had to cancel last week's 3rd annual June 12th Monterey Jade Festival because of Covid19, but have plans for next year. The 27th annual Big Sur Jade Festival is scheduled for Oct. 9th-11th. Has anyone had experience with this jade? It certainly looks promising. Has anyone been Jade hunting in that area? Would love some firsthand feedback.
I Am including some Diving for Jade Info found on the internet- for that area which also includes Beach and other info:
Thanks, Anne

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