Love California rocks!
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06/23/2020, 18:57:36

We've lived in the northeast and up and down the eastern coast, and now California.
What was really cool was traveling east to Death Valley a few years ago, and then out to Mono Lake and Yosemite last year. I found bigger, rougher examples of the same rocks I found on the coast. So cool to see "rough", then "wind-polished" (in Death Valley) and then water-and-sand-tumbled (on the coast.)
Surprisingly, California rocks are similar, in my mind, to Lake Superior beach stones, and Cape Cod beach stones. A park ranger at Cape Cod said that's because the same glacier brought all those rocks down a jillion years ago. (Michigan and Cape Cod, that is.) But a lot of them are very similar to CA rocks, so I'm wondering....
Huge range of colors, lots of inclusions and intrusions. Whenever I'm having a particularly bad day/month/year, the most soothing activity for me is beach-combing. Er...hunter/gathering.

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