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05/08/2020, 00:22:53

So, I looked into this card a bit further today. I never really looked into it again after taking the pictures. I already knew that the beads on this card are not glass, but some type of ceramic.

These beads were made by the Hermann Scholz Nachfolger Porzellan-Fabrik, a porcelain factory in Tiefenbach an der Desse. This company had a second location, maybe only an office, in Tanvald which is only a few miles from Jablonec.
All of the beads on this card are porcelain, including the chevron. It is glazed in such a way that it looks very similar to glass.

There are a few beads on this card that are also on other cards, combined with glass beads. There are also some cards that have only these types of porcelain beads. So my current guess is that this company supplied porcelain beads to one or more Jablonec exporting companies.

Edited to reflect correct location of Tiefenbach.

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