Help with new glass bead technology
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Posted by: Rosanna Post Reply
05/15/2019, 20:24:02

Would someone please help me bootstrap my knowledge of modern seed beads and other small glass beads?

I recently purchased two lots of plum-colored glass beads. The first lot has 6/0 seed beads and the second, 6 mm rounds. I liked the colors but decided to knock the gloss off by tumbling a short while in my rock tumbler. Much to my surprise, both types of beads were coated so the color partly or completely flaked off. The beads were not advertised as "coated glass beads", otherwise I wouldn't have bought them.

So my question to the experts in this area - is it possible to get solid color beads made with colored glass, or are all new beads made by putting coatings on clear or white beads? Do seed beaders know what to look for and do they just avoid the coated ones?

Thanks for your help!

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