This was what I was complaining about a few months ago!
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05/19/2019, 13:34:04

It used to be some of the cheap Indian-made glass beads were coated (like the ones sold in kits at Michael's, etc.) I made some simple bracelets with them, mostly to show how, with good color choices and spacers/accent beads, you could still make something pretty with cheap beads. Then the coatings flaked off. Ouch!

But then I made a long necklace with small Czech copper-colored seed beads, good quality ones. I wore it half a dozen times. Then I saw the color was wearing off! It was a metallic copper coating that wore off with wear. (It didn't get wet, it wasn't out in the sun, it wasn't exposed to intense heat, etc.) I can't remember exactly when I bought them, I think maybe ten years or so ago.

Now I'm suspicious of all metallic glass seed beads, using real metal beads instead.

This also happened with some brand new "faux sea glass" glass beads I bought from a vendor online with a good reputation. The beads were listed as "dyed", and it was recommended I wash them before using, to remove the excess dye. Well, I simply rinsed them with water--and the "dyed" color completely flaked off! Very frustrating....

I'm thinking this is a way to manufacture a wide range of colored beads more cheaply. If it happens to my own jewelry, I can fix it. But I'm freaking out about the jewelry I've sold to so many people over the years, what will happen when those beads reveal their true character.

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