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05/15/2019, 20:43:44

I'm no help as far as the New coatings but if you are stuck with the could try "Etch All" an acid based liquid that produces a Matte finish. Maybe it wouldn't be as hard on the beads, but who knows. Also, not sure, but you may be able to REUSE the liquid.

Also Arrow Springs Etching Crystals are favored by some people, and probably less expensive? (Will not etch borosilicate glass, Plus since it is a powder you must be aware to ALWAYS add the powder (Acid crystals) to the water! and Never the reverse!).

I have seen the "lined" color seed beads, many sizes, and even Vintage lined seed beads...but Color -Coated is a new one!

Be sure to follow Safety directions. I have not used or ordered Etch All in ages but hope it is still available as it can give a nice result. But a Tumbler with fine grit has to be more cost effective for larger quantities I should think.

Thanks for the Heads Up on the bead finishes- WHO KNEW they were scrimping on the Color! and Coating beads now! What country were these beads from?? Do they come strung on hanks or loose?? Just curious as to what they look like too.


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