Please help novice collector with bead ID
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Posted by: Silverbead Post Reply
05/28/2018, 12:35:46

Hello! I am new to bead collecting and this forum looks like a great place for advice! I would love to hear what people think about this necklace. It may not be worth much, or be that special, but I thought it was unusual and I love to know the history of things. There is no clasp to this necklace, the graduated beads are hand knotted on what looks like cotton or silk. The pink and milk white colour varies and appears speckled in some places. It is long (over 12in drop) and very heavy (over 3 oz). The beads clink and feel like glass. Any thoughts on their origin or age would be much appreciated!

IMG_6790.JPG (239.5 KB)  

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