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06/01/2018, 11:24:08

Don't you just love the internet….England, We have members from all over the planet.
Me...I'm not the wisest but I have an Ebay store so I'm always asking dumb questions about beads. I really don't want to be one of those Ebay sellers who isn't HONEST about what they are selling.
It's like one big family here. That means that sometimes you'll get to see some.....some very passion driven discussions about bead topics.
If you aren't involved in one of these, they are most entertaining.
But it always goes back to normal.
There's many published authors of bead information and even a few stars of the bead world hanging out here too. Ilove this forum.
So glad to see you join and I hope we get a chance to know you better
Keep us posted when you find something cool. Welcome aboard.

Odan...dba..dannoh….aka. Cpt. Longline

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