Follow-up - decorated cylinder beads that "Beadman" liked
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Posted by: Will Post Reply
10/24/2015, 14:44:06

In searching back through old photos, I came on a thread on the forum several years ago where Pipane posted a large number of Warring States beads. At the end of the thread, there's a comment from Beadman: “All very nice beads. An excellent collection!” Here are the two cylinder beads in the group.

Pipane is the nom-de-plume of a French collector and businessman who lives in Beijing and who used to write on this forum. He speaks Chinese, Japanese and other Asian languages, and he's done more than most westerners to sort out the characteristics of authentic ancient jade and glass artefacts from all the fakes that fill the markets in China. It's a difficult task. He could help us now. Where are you, Stéphane, now that we need you?


Pipane:3.jpg (59.3 KB)  Pipane:8.jpg (76.8 KB)  

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