Thank you for looking carefully. Moreover, I appreciate your diplomacy, Will.
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Posted by: Frederick II Post Reply
10/24/2015, 15:32:20

Each of the points you have discussed is subjective in nature. And when it come to arts and crafts, each of us has to rely upon artistic intuition when we buy a bead. Comparing the red, white and black bead next to each of the others: It offends my sense of art in Warring States Era beads.

Recalling the year in which Kika bought the bead in Beijng, 2008, I visited Curio City, an antiques shopping mall in Beijing, daily during three trips that year alone. And I have been to Beijing dozens of times. At times, Curio City has been flooded with better copies than the black red and white one.

Will: You are a gentleman and a scholar. You have defended your stance beautifully. You should run for President of the United States. I will vote for you. Especially if you promise to build a bead museum in every major city.

When playing the role of judge and jury in the bead market, we have to weigh the clues which lead us to our decisions -this is especially important with Warring States beads because the Chinese market inspires copyists like no other. In this case, I have never been on the fence.

I am very busy this afternoon. But I can address the bead in question in detail later…How can we reach Pipane? Perhaps Kika or those with experience making beads would like to say more. I am especially interested in hearing from those who have experimented with usage of hydrochloric acid on beads -which I have witnessed in Beijing.

Just Fred

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