Some help requested with dating a necklace
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Posted by: Rosanna Post Reply
02/27/2018, 08:52:45

I just acquired this necklace with phenolic beads and would appreciate any input about the possible date of assembly. I'm still very focused on dating the introduction of imitation amber beads made of phenolic resin into the African trade, so I found this particular necklace intriguing.

The colored disks are not the usual vinyl - they are Celluloid. I haven't researched Celluloid as much as I have the phenolics, but I believe Celluloid was still in widespread use for beads, jewelry, pen bodies, etc up to 1950, and maybe beyond. However the use of Celluloid disks suggests a date no later than the 40s.

The Venetian beads are definitely pre-1950. The coconut disks are smooth and worn.

The stringing material is a double strand of coated wire. The wire is two strands twisted together. One strand is broken, and it appears that the clear plastic coating is weathered. Does anyone know when this type of coated wire first became available?

That leaves the clasp, a nice solid brass screw-type. it is robust, about 7.8 mm diameter, and has separate pegs with loops on the ends -for attaching the string- that feed through the body of the clasp. Any ideas about the vintage?

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