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02/28/2018, 02:55:17

Tigertail - nylon-coated fine stainless steel wire cable we sold in my shop from mid 1980s, the early versions were rather stiff and kinked easily. it had been originally intended for fishing line for large heavy fish... and certain kinds of rigging for sailing boats -and aerials etc on satellites, we were told.
it wouldn't knot and had to be clamped.

then all the fancy nylon-coated cable was developed for jewellery that is so over-used now because it makes threading seem easy-

Previously 1930s-50s a lot of the short Bohemian/Czech necklaces were threaded on actual wire (came on cards for threading necklaces) which kinked, rusted, scratched your neck and was generally horrible...

some of the quality bead jewellery of that time used a very very skinny chain- either foxtail or simple tiny joined links. then the clasp could be permanently soldered in place.

antique costume jewellery clasps are great to re-use because they are generally much better made than new ones.

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