Rhodonite beads carved into a sort of shou pattern
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Posted by: beadiste Post Reply
11/30/2017, 12:45:44

Was amusing myself recycling an ugly old necklace of graduated rhodonite beads by combining them with some nice little cloisonne beads, and got wondering if perhaps the stone beads had been carved in Idar-Oberstein instead of China.

The sort-of-shou pattern is reminiscent of those Deco-era blue glass beads. Same sort of medallion lines, with what look like carved spirals around each medallion.

The rhodonite is nice quality - not a lot of black lines, only one bead with a gray patch - and graduated. Which is not how I remember Chinese rhodonite beads from the 1990s.

Anybody got an opinion on this one?

SAM_8320_(2).JPG (240.1 KB)  SAM_8320_-_Copy.JPG (222.1 KB)  

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