Phoenician Head Pendant
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04/15/2017, 13:07:55

You may know this phenomenon!

You have a bead, and it looks totally normal in your hand, looking at it in daylight. Then you take a photo, then a second and a third one! You cannot believe the result. "That thing" on the photo looks completely different of what your eyes can see - and it does not look better. It looks worse! Odd! Wrong! False! And there is nothing you can do about it. Not with your camera and the skills you have to operate it!

This is such a case!

I found what seems to be an authentic Phoenician head-pendant. It's glass, it's monochrome and is glass - depicting very likely a black persona.

The piece, I believe, was molded from two halfs, while the "hook" was added later and seperately (without a mold).

I warn you - the photos are a complete disappointment. You have to trust me word that the face in not only in perfect condition, but also easy and immedeately to identify as such, no matter how hard it seems to be believe.

I wanted you to read this disclaimer, before taking a look at the piece!

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