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04/16/2017, 08:11:54

I have seen this type before in some books & catalogs, but am pretty sure it is not Phoenician era in time period, I believe it is what Yankee said, Roman era.

Also, I do understand your distress on beads that look great in the hand but terrible in a picture. It happens to me quite a bit. I have to remind myself that the image is usually enlarged significantly and therefore you see detail not otherwise seen. In fact I never undertake a description for a bead until I have studied an enlargement because I often find flaws that were not noticed earlier. One of the problems with an enlargement though is that a flaw often looks much worse than it actually is.

Here is an example of a Phoenician era head pendant (circa 500 BC), that looks much worse in a picture than in the hand.

2_head1.jpg (22.2 KB)  

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