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04/13/2017, 07:46:46

You may want to search the forum for some previous 'trip reports'.
If I recall correctly, both Paula and Rosanna have visited Egypt. (So did I, but before my bead collecting days)

From what I remember, neither of them came back with ancient or even antique beads, as it is indeed illegal. I suggest you do some research on that if you are serious about buying.

In Tucson last year, I bought some cheap ancient glass beads from an Egyptian dealer. Later, I found out he smuggled them out of Egypt by putting them in a resin inside small new Egyptian sculptures.

There was a lot I loved about Egypt, and I think Cairo was my highlight. Just wandering endlessly through the markets...... There are endless small antique shops from what I remember in both Luxor and Cairo. Lots of new 'antiques', lots that could be old, and get you in trouble when exporting,

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