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04/13/2017, 18:25:14

Checker-bead from Assuan.

Bought it for pennies as a completely black (!) round thing. Only later that night - some time in autumn of ~1998/9 - in the Hotel, I realized the other colors, when beginning to clean the piece. To light (and new life) came a rather lovely "Checker-Bead".

All my other efforts to find old beads during that trip - mostly undertaken for diving and grave-hunting - run nowhere!

I have no idea about the fun-level of an organized tour from one (of the many) point-of-interest to the next, or the pleasures of a Nile-cruise - possibly interesting too (especially the latter), but I did a 6 weeks exploration of Egypt by car and was VERY surprised that this beautiful and very interesting country had so much more to offer than pyramids, graves, museums and beaches!

It was one of the most fascinating trips in one of the most fascinating countries I have done so far. Rent a car and explore the land on your own, should you have the time to do so, is my recommandation!

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