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Apropos Khalili:
Have you (old guys and young girls) heard about the Nasser Khalili Collection and the many books made from it?

I should keep this short, otherwise I might fill pages and pages with fanatic enthusiasm. Not only about the TRUELY-TRUELY BREATHTAKING
BEAUTY (!!!) of Khalili's collections (plural) - consisting of a diverse range of mostly "ancient Islamic" pieces - but as well about the books that display this collections on paper - all of the epitome of GODLIKE BEAUTY!

This is no exaggaration! These are not the words of a lover and (small-scale) collector of Islamic art. Both, I repeat, the stunning pieces Mr. Khalili assembled and the FINE(ST) ART PUBLICATIONS he made from them have nothing to compare them to. I doubt there is any museum - including those of highest reputation - who possess collections of the Khalili magnificense.

Check for the some 20 volumes that are out already. Many of them are available in antiquariats for a somewhat cheaper-than-amazon price, where certain new and used copies reach prices over 100 $ and sometimes (way over) 1000 Euros. Unfortunately it is exactly the book on (Sassanian) glass that is exceptionally costly. The cheapest price I found was around 150$ (on German 2500 Euro/2600 $, though).

I own the titles on enemal, Indian paintings and "Empire of the Sultans" - unfortunately I missed to buy the issue on glass, when it was cheaper. From what I have seen - I looked through the book a few years ago - I can only insist that any single invested Dollar for this book is worth it. As much as it is for any single of the ca. 20 publications on the Nasser Khalili Collection

Nobody interested in ancient glass should miss to aquire this title, leave alone all the others. All in true WORLD-CLASS standard!

Paper, binding, photos, text, design - all parameters are of DIVINE character and qulity.

I have NEVER came across of books in a higher quality!

There are also 2-3 titles on old Japanese art, incl. pieces of the Meiji period. Something for Frederick, though I am nearly certain he owns the books already and can fullheartedly agree with my assessment of HIGHEST quality for specimen and books.


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