What they look like to me
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Posted by: floorkasp Post Reply
04/10/2017, 10:54:22

To me, they look like reproductions as well. There may be a few genuinely old ones, but most do not look like it.
I like to add the disclaimer that there are many people out there that know more about ancient glass beads, but I have seen my share of them.

The colors are the main suspicious aspect for me. The yellow beads for example look too bright. The blue on the white ones with the light blue eyes, is not like the blue that is usually seen in ancient beads.

Your reply to Thomas, that the Chinese would never know how to make these, seems odd to me. First of all, there could be many places where these are made, including places with the skill and knowledge that is required to make these. Second: bead makers around the world generally have all the same access to both real antiques to study, books and the internet to learn about ancient techniques.

It will be very interesting next week when you get them in and show better pictures. Pictures can be deceiving, as we all know.

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