Dug up in Crimea?
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04/17/2017, 22:54:53

How do you know they were dug up in Crimea? That sounds suspiciously like a sales gimmick.

A while back I saw an eBay auction for some ordinary powder glass beads from Ghana that were advertised as antique Native American beads from Alaska. The asking price was 20 X what the beads were worth. I asked the seller what made him think they were from Alaskan natives. He said he purchased them from an Eskimo in a remote village above the Arctic circle, who claimed they were local and over 100 years old. So he was distressed that he was cheated, and wondered how the beads got to that location if they were not made there. I told him that UPS and the USPS deliver to all kinds of remote places and also gave him some eBay listings for powder glass beads for comparison.

We have also heard about Chinese chevron beads sold to a dealer in Venice by an African trader. The Venetian dealer then sold them to an American who assumed they were made in Venice. I think I got the story right...

I think it's safe to assume that beads are being shipped everywhere imaginable from a large numbers of points of origin. We know that beads traveled far in ancient times, so how much easier it is today to imagine beads reaching someplace like Crimea for example, from China, Indonesia, etc. and very rapidly, too.

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