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04/27/2017, 20:16:43

What your talk of Eskimos, UPS, Ghana and Chinese Chevrons has to do with what I posted?

The strand of ancient glassbeads I posted, was finally sold for ca.
50$ ‐ who needs "sales gimmicks" to promote peanuts?

You are not only wrong with "A" - your comical intro ‐ leave alone
the "Eskimo‐part" in the middle, you are also wrong, completely wrong, with "Z", the imaginairy conclusion in the last paragaph of your post.

Was it not you, who issued a BIG WARNING about the dangers of illegal bead-export from Egypt? Only a few days later, you feel, quote,
"safe to assume that beads are being shipped everywhere imaginable."
You believe that only Egypt restricts illegal digging and the subsequent export of the unearthed antiquities, ancient beads included? What about Russia? Is "Vova" too stupid or too ignorant to adopt simelar restrictive laws? While one might be able to pay his way out of border-trouble in Egypt, there is no such option in Russia

Not only that, you drift a step deeper in rose-colored wonderland with your imaginairy tale. To assume Russian folks make a living on the import of repros from Indonesia/China, they then forward - by UPS, of course - "everywhere imaginable", is another campfire tale worth a good laugh. One that confirms a profound lack of knowledge and completely ignores Crimean, thus RUSSIAN reality.

Unlike you, I visited the area twice! I established ties to a few locals in business on the Russian peninsula. It is out of question that anyone of them dares to take the risc of exporting their findings. Not through UPS and not personally. Not even HERMES himself would dare to take a chance! Punishment is harsh! Border-controls thorough! Everybody is fully aware of it. That certain beads make it through, is the flipside of smuggle. The avarage "digger-dealer" would not even evaluate his chances. None of those I know would - neither anybody they know!

There is no need for any illegal bead export from Crimea or other places in Russia or Ucraine abroad! Russians collectors are plenty and knowledgable*. I know, because I compete against them at times (sometimes on the losing side, as was the case with this necklace).

I am as certain as I can be, that the strand was authentic, having nothing but photos evidence. A handful of them might be questionable. Big deal at a price of 50 bucks! The square shaped white ones with raised blue eyes may fall into this group. Not for their style, shape or patina - for an unusual color combination alone.

Even unconsidering the photos and the story they tell - the context of the strand speaks a clear language of authenticity, something a handful of possible repros could not change.

The Greeks, the Goths, Byzanthinium and the Romans (ca. 50 BC till 350 AD) all invaded and controlled TAURICA partly or completely during different times of early history, partly lasting into later Middle Ages ("East-Rome"). They all left their mark! Many their beads. Many of whom - under the Romans, especially - were of local production.

How do you squeeze the suspicious sound of a sales gimmick into this, Rosanna?

Ask Simon and Garfunkel!

* on "knowledgable Russians":

Maybe not surprising "the Russian beadcollector" has a deeper interest and understanding in the historical side of bead collecting. The country has produced more academic books on beads in their historical environment, than any other country. Unfortunately in an alien language to most of us!

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