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08/07/2014, 13:28:40

you just stated
If these beads are not genuine are a very high quality of fake, where all the chips are really with wear and dirty. Very well worked fakes. Why doing so good quality of fake, the faker would have chose to do bad line or inappropriate hole - they are too evident. I sorry it doesn't go, also this doubt fall down.

The main reason for someone to make fakes that look real is exactly what we are talking about here. If you fake a bead and beat it up a bit make it dirty so that people think perhaps this is a real ancient bead then that person can take a three to five dollar bead and price it very high. I see this all of the time from sellers all over the world more so in Asia but not limited to that area.

When I am reading your posts and your use of the English language, I am inclined to think that you are Chinese. If this is the case what better thing for you to do to sell your fakes than get some (experts)saying they feel what you have is indeed authentic.

Not one of the people on this forum can give an honest answer regarding your beads or any other beads from an image, the best they can do is make an opinion from photographs.

I am 99.9% sure your listing 390902967911 is indeed not what you say it is. I can go on ebay and find this type bead in quantity out of Thailand any day for very cheap. As Mr. Joyce says buyer beware!!

All my best ......... Danny

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