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Posted by: Andrea - Italy Mail author
08/08/2014, 00:41:35


this is my document. I look like Chinese???

My Eanglish is the English who most of the Italian people speak here, probably not much correct and elegant, but it is very clear.

Now what is the problem on my item n. 390902967911 ???

I bought it from an old lady who bought it in Nepal 40 years ago. In the hands the beads look with good patina and above all the thread looks to me very old (sorry, but the photo does younger it). I've listed this necklace as early 20th century. In my opinion I'm sure it is over 50 years old; highly probable early 20th century; possible some beads is older. Surely 100% not modern stuff made for to cheat people or for to dress. I price my items high because I sell genuine and antique or old stuff, hard to find at today and still collectionable, and not modern reproductions which exist in thousand of copies. So, please, what is my guilt, or lacking of seriousness here?

You say: - Not one of the people on this forum can give an honest answer regarding your beads. - Please make me a very big favor. Please let me know if exist a professional company or expert where I can pay and send my beads to receive competence assistance or certification of them. I would be very very happy to go there to do my question

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