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Posted by: Andrea - Italy Mail author
08/07/2014, 08:30:32

I'm not using Mr Joice or others. I'm not using a wonderful site for my profit and my gain. If someone would know me no one would say so. My only goal is understand if these carnelian beads are genuine or not. But the answer (a serious answer) seems not arrive here.

With ebay and with the forum I've showed to you almost 50 beads of the same provenience. I've enlarge the photo with about 20X. No one is able to declare only one beads if fake. At today most of the person told me these are good ones, I've known only about 3 doubts.

Who say are made in glass. I've tested a bead with my gem refractometer I utilize for jade and it is not glass, is agate. The other doubts are about the uneven white lines and the large holes. I reflect. If these beads are not genuine are a very high quality of fake, where all the chips are really with wear and dirty. Very well worked fakes. Why doing so good quality of fake, the faker would have chose to do bad line or inappropriate hole - they are too evident. I sorry it doesn't go, also this doubt fall down.

I repeat I've showed you over 50 beads with very good photos. In my opinion if there is not an expert able to declare these fake is because they are genuine.

I please all you to don't speak bad about me again, above all if you are not able to judge as fake my stuff. It is very offensive for an honest seller who spend very much time and money for try to list only genuine stuff.

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