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Posted by: andrea - italy Mail author
08/06/2014, 04:50:06


I'm a seller of Chinese antiques and it is very hard work today due the fakes. I can not know everything (it is comprehensible) so when I find items I don't know I ask to experts, I also I'm ready to pay for competent expertize. I've many people help me in many fields, but I'm really at the beginning with the beads.

I've listed these beads as genuine and antique only AFTER Mr. Joyce told me on the forum these are genuine and authentic without need to handle or enlarge... so, I corrected the auction and I said they are genuine. Only you, now, and only Mr. Bompo told me about some doubt, other advanced collectors (do you know Mr. Jamey - USA) say to me these are good ancient beads.

Again, please, because I do not want to cheat no one, tell me know if these beads are antique or modern fakes (it was my first question here in the site, before to list these). If fake I will close the auction. I've listed other beads from the same necklace for to give more details (ebay nn. 390903752111 & 390903818743), with good photos, please let me know.



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