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Posted by: rubyzane Mail author
08/06/2014, 10:29:19

Hi Andrea,
Both Fred and Jamey are experts whom we all learn from. I recommend that you continue to research and speak with people, and just be as upfront as possible in your listings. There are a number of types of beads that are very difficult to tell if newer reproductions or originals. I've collected etched carnelian for years, and I would have thought these were genuine, but I know I could be wrong. Please do not take offense at how people respond on this site. No one means to be confrontational or critical, and sometimes we all just come off differently than we intended. We are all here to help each other and teach each other as well as question, so you are doing the right thing! :) Good luck to you, and regardless if the beads are or are not originals, they are lovely! Lynne

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