Dear Dr. Andrea Ciaccheri:
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Posted by: Just Fred Mail author
08/06/2014, 01:40:16

Dear Dr. Andrea Ciaccheri:

In my humble opinion -without the advantage of seeing them in person-
some appear to be old glass copies of antique Burmese carnelian beads.
They are a mixed bunch & neither typical, classic, nor excellent examples.

While you are not intending to misrepresent them...
the problem is that you are trying to sell these beads;
and the descriptions and prices seem to imply too much.

Initially, you asked for opinions whether these are antique or modern.
But are you open to the opinions of advanced bead collectors?

As I understand it, this forum is for the study of beads
& I feel that we benefit by learning from disagreement.

Belle journe,

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