Chinese Chevrons

Here is one orange Chinese chevron purchased in a bead store in the San Francisco bay area, sold to the store owner in September 2006 as "vintage 15-year old Venetian." The orange outer layer and both red layers are translucent, and the colors not at all characteristically Italian. This bead has a blown perforation.


2007 Bead Collector

It came to the bead store as part of a lot, with traditional blue, as well as green six layer chevron beads. Here's the orange one again, along with one green and two blue chevrons from the same batch. Note the two different reds used in the two predominantly blue beads. One is a more orange-red, the other much closer to the traditional brick-red of early 20th century Venetian chevron beads.


2007 Bead Collector

We constantly monitor internet bead sales - it is important to keep current on availability and prices, to observe representation, etc... It was very interesting to see chevrons completely new to us offered at internet auction from a seller in the Southwestern U.S. by the same name as the African importer visiting China. These bead auctions were first noticed in August of 2006. When the seller was written and asked to please stop listing the beads as vintage Venetian, the reaction was less than positive. However, the claim of "Venetian" stopped, and the auctions for these beads became private.

We have a long and very good relationship with an African importer who keeps us updated on his travels and business in the bead world. In December of 2006 he found a source for the new Chinese chevrons replicating Venetians from the African trade. He was able to place one order and complete his purchase. Here are the images of his new Chinese chevrons that he emailed us at that time, while still in Guangdong Province:


2007 Abdul Touray


2007 Abdul Touray

One of the large orange chevrons being worn, above, is now in the private collection of Jamey D.Allen. These beads are approx. 60mm long.

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