Liked the street food and My Yoghurt container
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08/02/2013, 09:35:43

I also found many places in my travels in China circa 1987-1997 on the street that had what I thought was wonderful food. One time we were in a town that had a gentleman on the street with a fifty gallon drum that was lined with some kind of refractory with a coal fire in it, he would take a flattened out piece of dough and slap it onto the hot refractory and a minute or two later pull it off, every time we went past this person we bought more of his bread, it was wonderful.

Below is an image of a Yoghurt container that I got in Beijing in 1988 that I now use as a pencil holder in my smithing bench. At the time I got it they had a deposit of less than one cent so needless to say I did not return it for the deposit. I am glad to see that they are still using the earthenware as the last time I had some of this wonderful yoghurt it was in a plastic container.

All my best ..... Danny

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