I loved Chinese streetfood
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08/02/2013, 00:47:11

I travelled in China several times, and think there are few places with better streetfood.

So, some pictures (no beads.....)
First is in Kashgar, Western China. It may not look like much (or very hygienic) but it was one of the best tasting meals I ever had. A potato cooked in some type of curry broth, boiled egg, strings of a root vegetable and different spices and flavours added.

Second was my staple afternoon snack: Yoghurt in Beijing, in beautiful earthenware pots. They are supposed to be drunk straight away, and you can not take the pot with you. However, I made a 'deal' with a vendor that I could pay a little extra, and take the pot home. In my house, I now have about 15 of these great looking Beijing yoghurt pots.

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