it's very easy to misunderstand the tone ...
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03/21/2013, 03:04:58

but Will is a polite, well respected and well informed member of the forum. Even if you doubt the truth of what he says it puts you into a very extreme position to publicly say that you don't believe him.

Also, as far as I know there are no forum rules which prevent members of the Taliban from posting. I am not for one minute suggesting that Will is or is not a member of the Taliban. I just think that is completely irrelevant both to his post and to yours.

Your inital subject is interesting and so is Will's related subject. I hope I have the opportunity to read more about both and from both of you but without distracting and inappropriate personal remarks.

The aim of the forum, in opinion, is to enjoy learning more about beads.
All the best and let's get back to enjoying and learning.

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