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Posted by: tofsla Mail author
03/20/2013, 21:28:52

I would not flip, if autor was not providing gazzilions of small but irrelevant lies... Let go step by step

1. Like distance beetween Peshawar and Mingora is about 2 or so odd hours, and there is NO DAMN difference where it was produced in Peshawar or Swat.

2. I also think is a bit unlikley that autor was in Peshawar 4yr ago,
but very possible he visited Mingora or Saidu Sharif. But i might be wrong and he been there with Taliban army!

3. Also great teachers tone should be cooled down, as I find comments like this unacceptable in tone "Jan and Bob have a lot of very good examples they could show you, or you could do a search for them". I did not asked for good examples, so i dont need advice where to find them.

4. Desire to say something and show off, very often overcome interest to share info...

I hope I explain myself

P.S. Is it Will going to Peshawar to buy beads?

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