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06/11/2012, 14:50:57

I don't mean to keep flogging this subject, but in my obsessive sort through my pile of these beads I found one that is unique for its 1)black and green stripe, 2) nearly perfect condition.

The ends have not been ground down, and the wound glass looks like swirled whipped cream. What appears to be a chip is not, but a dimple left by the lampworker. The gap in the green stripe is not due to a chip - it's original.

The bead is in such good shape, although I don't think it's of recent manufacture, that I wondered if it had been pulled from a sample card or something. Or maybe it was just rattling around in a drawer somewhere instead of being worn.

At any rate, I thought it interesting to see what these beads might have looked like when they were brand new.

Bowties_010.JPG (97.2 KB)  1_Bowties_014.JPG (90.3 KB)  

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