Bow-tie beads
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Posted by: beadiste Mail author
06/05/2012, 12:10:23

Sorting through my strands of these beads, I noticed there are some consistent variations in the color and style of the stringers that were used to decorate the white base.

In the Sick catalog, a sample of this bead appears on page 6, item number 682, and shows a bow-tie made of a twisted blue and white stringer.

A two-tone opal blue was evidently also used, as well as a plain dark sapphire blue.

Of the beads I sorted, there were fewest of the twisted stringer; the ratio of two-tone opal blue to sapphire seems roughly 3:1. The sapphire beads seem in slightly better condition, but I could just be imagining that.

I realize that just because a sample bead appears on a catalog page dated to 1910-1913 doesn't mean all such beads are a century old. Anybody have thoughts as to length of production time?

Also, the word "Dutch" seems to be connected to these beads, for mysterious reasons. A supposed resemblance to Delft blue and white ceramic ware? They are of course Venetian products, yes?

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