Bead ID please, new arrivals
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Posted by: birdi Mail author
06/09/2012, 19:53:00

I bought this strand thinking the feather beads were black, as they looked in the seller's photo. When they arrived I placed them on a black cloth in a dimly lit room and still thought they were black. I about fell over hours later when I took them into the sunlight and saw them to be transparent green!

I found similar feather combed beads on the Picard website, page 12 of trade beads. I can't tell what color they are, they look black there too.

I have NEVER seen the black/red/yellow/white fancy barrel beads. I can't find them in the Picard books or website.

Does anyone recognize these beads? There are a couple single beads I recognize, but not the two main types. Approx 10mm diameter.

GrnFeatherBlkCrss3.JPG (76.3 KB)  GrnFeatherBlkCrssBCN1.JPG (127.7 KB)  

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