Thanks for reminding me of those images....
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Posted by: Joyce Mail author
05/20/2012, 11:29:47

...that day was when Abdul told me that James Lewis had passed away. Forumites will remember the Lewis auctions the next year - James was a customer of our favorite African traders for over 20 years.

It was one of the last times Abdul made it to our area - times have changed since, and now he has a wholesale office in China where he is a major wholesaler of material from Africa. Great guy! He was just here in the states on a whirlwind trip to California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, New York, D.C., Arizona. He has since been back to China and when I heard from him last week, he was in Nigeria.

The big fat Jatim I'm holding in this image (with Abdul that day) is probably the biggest genuine ancient Jatim I've ever held.

1_IMG_0141.jpg (119.3 KB)  

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