great search!... leading to..... Abdul's beads & David's photos
Re: Google images search: "jatim beads site" -- Joyce Post Reply Edit Forum Where am I?
Posted by: birdi Mail author
05/20/2012, 09:38:17

Very good tip Joyce. I've long been frustrated with the site search. The google results are very good, except for not being able to X the sidebar.

Wandering around the search you linked I found this topic featuring David's photography and Abdul's beads in 2009. I sure do love David's photos. Maybe some day I'll learn how he softens the shadows so well. Is it daylight or artificial light? The depth of field is excellent... a good camera and good light is needed for that.

Okie dokie, I was sent back because the site tells me the URL is too long... yep, the google mega URLs won't 'fit' the Link URL field. So here it is in the text field.

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