Joyce, it's funny as I just remembered something I've read here...
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01/15/2012, 22:02:32

...some time ago. And, I am not certain if it was something that Tasart or Jamey Allen had said...I think maybe it was Jamey. I believe he said that if he wanted an opnion about something that he may already have his own ideas about, that he prefers not to give any information about the not influence the other person's ideas and it's always nice to let someone else give their opinion first. I remember also how he always knew people may think him an idiot for asking and how given his position in the bead world this could be judged in a manner of ways. Meaning, some may be thinking...what is this bead expert doing asking much of an expert can he be. But, just because you're asking...that doesn't make you an idiot or ignorant. People will always have their ideas about things and they may not always be right. And, as they say the dumbest question is the one you don't ask. So, I have sat back and listened and learned. And, still have much to learn and hope to never stop learning.

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