Generally it's helpful when one hopes for input about their bead or beads....
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Posted by: Joyce Mail author
01/14/2012, 21:38:14

to provide whatever information you yourself may have about it. Sometimes context can help. It's really not fair to put an image on the net, then poke us like a pinata until we may spew a satisfactory response.

For what it's worth, Warring States period beads are fairly rare and even more expensive. This bead you show does not look like beads from that period that I have seen, in image or in "person". The surface is not smooth, it's crude and bumpy, while the protruding red "eyes" are smooth textured. The red is wrong for anything ancient I have seen. The bead is not at all meticulously crafted like I would expect from a genuine Warring States bead.

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