These are most-likely Chinese glass beads.
Re: Does anyone know more about these old 'Cambodian Khmer ' glass beads -- karavanserai Post Reply Edit Forum Where am I?
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02/03/2024, 13:24:28

In SE Asia, the variables for glass beads are that they are either imported from China or India, or they were locally-made. There were, formerly, glass-beadmaking industries in Thailand and Vietnam.

"Khmer beads" only indicates "worn by the Khmer." It is not an origin.

The beads look like plain furnace-wound glass. Without something like a chemical analysis, and a corpus of analyses to compare with, not much more can be determined. All plain furnace-wound beads look more-or-less the same, from any industry. But most of the oblate beads I have seen from this region look Chinese to me.

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