Does anyone know more about these old 'Cambodian Khmer ' glass beads
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Posted by: karavanserai Post Reply
02/03/2024, 09:28:18

I bought this from a reliable source. They were advertised as Cambodian Khmer glass beads 17-19th C. The beads are between 6 and 12mm. I don't have the beads yet and these are pictures of the seller. -I do realize that the term 'Khmer' is not referring to the Khmer empire.- I just wonder what makes them different from other glass beads in the area, how were they used and mounted (with gold or silver, or...).
Anyone who can shed a light....Thank you!

glass_Khmer_2a_2024-02-02_.jpg (161.0 KB)  glass_Khmer_2e_2024-02-02_antikapasaras_6-12mm_.jpg (66.2 KB)  

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