New one-of-a-kind bead?
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11/14/2023, 06:42:54

A friend asked for a bracelet, made of alternate lapis and gold cylinder beads. Stone cylinders are plentiful, but my matching (modern) Indian gold cylinder beads are gone and I am not willing to go a hunting for them in the www anymore.
So I decided to indulge in a risky experiment:

The bead is 15,5 x 7 mm, with a 3 mm perforation. It is made of a 24ct gold sheet wrapped (by lathe) around a four years old bamboo stick from my patio.
The bead weights 1,99 grams (bamboo 0,37 grams; metal 1,62 grams).

The bracelet will have 5 of these gold cylinders
Now this friend, that lives just 100 meters away from my place, is a young succesful foot surgery doctor that takes care weekly of my whatever the outcome, my experiment will prove to be an expensive whim.
Is this not happiness?

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