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10/08/2023, 10:05:38

I never had much opportunity to handle Venetian beads and today I saw this strand with -to me- 2 types of unusual beads:
- Round “Baule face” beads, which I’ve only known as tabulars/ flat face side. The only possible round one I found is one Rosanna showed in
Unless the strand on the front page of Picard’s Volume III also includes some round ones.

- Eyebeads (double circles) that remind me of Islamic beads – they almost look like raised eyes, but they are not. The only ‘lookalikes’ I could find was in the Picard’s Volume IV on page 18 , 7th strand from above with the following differences: ‘mine’ only have 3 eyes per bead, are not as round and have larger flat sides.

Too good to be true, was my first reaction and thought Indonesian, but I never handled Indonesian “Venetian trade beads” before. The comparison I found in the link below made me decide to look at them more properly.

sizes: diameter 14 -15 mm, length 10- 11mm
holes: 2-3mm, similar to my tabular Venetian “Baule face” beads
cut: straight, definitely drawn beads
colour: the yellow in the “Baule face” is similar to the tabular Venetian “Baule face” beads I have (see later picture).

I am moving now more towards Venetian, or is this really too good to be true?
Please help me out! Thank you.

If anyone has more pictures comparing Venetian trade beads with Indonesian “trade beads”, it would be great to be able to see them. Thank you.


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