"Classic" Chinese cloisonne beads & coral
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08/14/2023, 10:02:01

Altho an elementary necklace design, it's neatly knotted with pink silk, no clasp, allowing the necklace to effortlessly roll without position adjustment.

But what struck me is the perfect match of the pink coral with the blossoms in the cloisonne beads. Said blossoms made in the old-fashoned multiple-wire technique used by the old cloisonne masters working at the Beijing Enamel Factory in the 1960s-70s.

The "peaked" clouds in the background, used to stabilize the enamel, are typical of these early post-1950 beads.

It kinda gripes me that these older cloisonne beads are so little valued, as they took time and care to manufacture that are no longer justifiable in a modern economy, even were someone to possess the skill to do this minute wirework on a spherical surface.

Coral_Blossom_Cloisonne_2023_E.jpg (243.5 KB)  Coral_Blossom_Cloisonne_2023A_E_.jpg (250.4 KB)  

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