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06/28/2023, 05:53:36

My thought was that it would be interesting to show a pair of Chinese chevron beads that are a departure from the usual--in both the cane and the cut of the beads.

The round drilled beads are much like those I have acquired over twenty (20) years--and, as I remarked, are mainly interesting because of their very small size. They are included here mainly because I bought them in one purchase with the first beads. I have hundreds of these beads. I was surprised, recently, when a friend of mine who had seen my post, had thought it was a request for "information." Surprising because I have expounded upon them for about two decades and am not unfamiliar with them.

For instance, here:


1_4936_ja_2china_chevron_bds_may23.jpg (74.5 KB)  1_4943_ja_sm_china_flower_bds_may23.jpg (89.1 KB)  

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