Recent Chinese Glass Rosetta Beads
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05/22/2023, 00:09:37

From a seller at Etsy, I bought this pair of chunky chevron beads from China. They have been made from 8-point starry csnes, and the three layers are pale translucent green, opaque white, and translucent pink. The base layer also has eight tiny inserted two-layer eye canes that are white overlaid with a darker translucent green glass. The truncated biconical shape is unusual, but certainly not unheard-of.

From the same seller I bought a strand of small spherical Chinese drilled flower beads. Their canes have five layers of translucent glass--even the white glass being skim-milky--in the sequence: ruby-red, white, bright green, white, and pale purple. The flower canes have six or seven rounded petals. What surprised me the most upon their receipt was how small these beads are at six mm in diameter. So they are the smallest beads of this type I now have.

4936_ja_2china_chevron_bds_may23.jpg (74.5 KB)  4943_ja_sm_china_flower_bds_may23.jpg (89.1 KB)  

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