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03/06/2023, 19:42:54

Hello Chris,

First, I devised the name "beach ball" for a class of pseudo-millefiori beads, made in Japan. Nevertheless I see your point in this context.

When I went to China in 1997, I was surprised to find that there was a class of hot-pinched overlay beads (dull red or brownish-over-yellow), that seemed to be imitations of Venetian overlay beads—though the Venetian beads are wound, and the Chinese beads are drawn. I had previously documented Boshan beads that on the surface seemed to be identical, but turned out to also be wound or drawn (though all acquired together). These were translucent red glass.

So it is clear the Boshan makers produced hot-pinched glass beads.

In the strand I just acquired, the single drawn bead present is the specimen you pointed-out. The base is white, with four superficial stripes, being: red, blue, yellow, and green. The red and blue stripes are wide and abutt each other. The yellow and green stripes are thin and flanked by the white base glass.

By the way, four years ago I bought a large striped hot-pinched Boshan bead, that I suppose was inspired by a German marble bead (though by comparison it is not well-made).

Regarding the striped beads you show, that have avventurina ribbons outlined in white, on a black base—these may resemble drawn hot-pinched beads, but, since Venetians made very few (if any) hot-pinched beads, these are not that. Rather, they are wound and ribbon-trailed—and each of the stripe units has been added to the bead; and the shape was eventually rounded by constriction (more at one end than the other), and compression. In these ways the beads resemble "late a-speo beads" (though a-speo beads are primarily drawn beads, manipulated to become rounded, or whatever shape is desired).


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