Re: Avventurina in Chinese Beads
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03/07/2023, 21:23:24

In the 1970s I was shown a strand of (I think) 108 Chinese avventurina beads, that I suppose were furnace-wound from imported Venetian "cakes." In retrospect, I suppose now they may have been Boshan beads. (But at that time I had not yet heard of Boshan.)

It is clear that Venetians exported glass for the use of foreign industries—and I'm inclined to think that colors, such as bright red, may have been included and exploited for Boshan beadmaking.

Offhand, I cannot think of any Boshan beads in my collections that have avventurina glass. But the idea does not surprise me at all. Think of all the Chinese and Japanese enamel wares that include it.


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