Beads from Tucson 2023
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Posted by: Rosanna Post Reply
02/04/2023, 21:55:33

I guess most of the bead folks are reading and posting on other sites...well anyway, for those that are left, I'll post a few of my "finds" from Tucson. Joyce and I had a great time checking out the usual places for collectible beads. Crowds have picked up since last year - a good sign for the sellers. Tucson is still a great place to go digging for buried treasures. We found some overlooked items in unexpected spots and a few bargains (those are getting MUCH harder to find!).

Anyway here goes -

Fancy red & aqua elbows and rare aqua French Cross

Fancy yellow elbows with black & white mille eyes, combined with small a speo striped rounds (my first pass at a necklace combo).

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