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Posted by: SkyStone Post Reply
10/22/2022, 07:18:38

Thank you for the picture and response Jamey.

I would dearly love to own some of those beads, they make my heart
go pitter patter, but I'm afraid $1,000 is out of reach for me right now.

You wrote, "I can, of course, make close photos of "Russian" beads
at any time"

Ooooh YES! Please, please, please!

I have thousands of pictures of beads and jewelry on my hard drive
that I either own, or would love to own, that I revisted daily and
drool over.

I'm still catching up with your messages and will respond soon.
Oh, btw, I sent you a private message, did you happen to see it?

Thanks so much,


P.S. Just for fun, and your possible amusement, I'm enclosing a couple of pictures of necklace w/ especially lovely, (imho), beads that I don't happen to own. *sigh*

The necklace w/ "Russian Trade Beads" claims to be authentic but of
course I would have no way of knowing for sure.

Screenshot_2022-07-17_at_03-38-48_Revista_Galería_No._45_Joyería_guatemalteca_001_CROSS.jpg (252.2 KB)  White_Milk_Glass_Russian_Trade_Bead_Necklaces_small_file_1.jpg (230.6 KB)  

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